I Made a Sort of Modern Hanging Planter

by brittany on March 6, 2012

A few months back, you might remember my reports (here and here) from ceramics class.  One of my favorite by-products of my learning process is this planter.  This weekend, I finally got around to filling it with succulents from other overgrown pots in our house.

Our new little airborne planter hangs out in our sunniest spot–the upstairs landing.  This is the only window that receives direct southern sun, and other light-hungry flora crowds the area because the rest of the house is too dim.

I’m not sure if suspending a ceramic planter with jute officially qualifies us as on the road to hippie-d0m, but I can live with that.  Our landing’s nickname is “bohemian corner” anyway, due to the fabric art, turkish rug, and plant collection.  The new addition fits right in.

Quick story.  My grandma visited from Illinois soon after we moved into our house.  She isn’t too steady on stairs, so she stayed on the main floor and peeked up the stairwell just to get a glimpse of our second floor.  In her soft Mississippi accent, she said to my dad, “That’s nice.  Is Brittany Kate growing marijuana up there?”  What???  I have no idea why she thinks I might be growing marijuana in my window, other than the fact that I live on the west coast and my parents are old hippies.  Oh, grandma.  Dad didn’t help matters by responding, “Huh, well I don’t think so.”

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