Stuff I Like or Love: Havanna Alfajores

by brittany on December 9, 2013

havanna alfajores

Argentina:  land of beef, gauchos, beautiful horses, great design, malbec, and alfajores.  All of the aforementioned items make me want to move to Argentina (and we haven’t even touched on Magellanic penguins), but none rival alfajores for their daydreamy, bring-you-back-to-Buenos-Aires properties.

Alfajores are, at their simplest, sandwich cookies covered in chocolate or meringue.  When well-made, they transcend that description, though.  The cookies are tender and soft, bound together with thick, darkly caramel dulce de leche filling, and the whole sandwich is concealed inside its chocolate coating (meringue is good, but chocolate is better).

When we visited Argentina a few years ago, we popped into Havanna, a local chain of coffee/tea/snack shops similar to (but better than) our large coffee chain, on a twice-daily basis.  Each mid-morning, we’d break from our tourist walking for a cup of tea (me) and coffee (Michael), seldom able to resist adding an alfajor or two to our order.  By afternoon, our feet were road-weary and another respite was due.  I won’t lie–part of the appeal of Havanna is that they serve a little cookie with every mug, and another part is the ability to order alcohol with any beverage.  At any time of day.  Take that, American coffee chain.

Michael’s friend Kevin recently traveled to Argentina, and Michael bribed him to bring back a box of alfajores.  If you go to Buenos Aires, get some for yourself and please (and thank you) bring me a box.  If not, you can get the idea by making my super easy alfajor tart.

havanna alfajores

The gold-wrapped alfajores are the chocolate ones and the silver are meringue.

havanna alfajores

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