Miso-Braised Turnips–the Sleeper Hit of Dinner

by brittany on June 17, 2013

miso braised turnips

Holy crap, these are good.  I could eat the whole bowlful.  How in the world did turnips become the one dish at dinner that I can’t keep my mitts off of?  These humble-looking miso-braised turnips are like healthy little umami bombs.

To begin with, we always love hakurei turnips from our CSA.  They’re tender, mild, and have smooth, white, edible skin.  We often eat them sliced with dip, but I might be braising them for the rest of the season now.  I can’t resist the little root slices once they’re enriched by the flavorful broth and miso.

Miso-Braised Turnips  (inspired by an idea in Bon Appétit)

Remove the tops and root ends from a bunch of turnips (but save the tasty tops for another use).  Depending on their size, cut the turnips in half or quarters lengthwise, or leave them whole.  Slice each turnip (or turnip wedge) widthwise in 1/4″ slices.  Put the turnips in a high-sided skillet, pour in enough broth to cover them (I used veggie), drop in about a teaspoon of butter, and simmer until the liquid has mostly evaporated.  I also added a small handful of fried shallots.  At the end, stir in about a teaspoon of miso and taste it.  Add a little more if you want.  Serve warm.

miso braised turnips

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