Esquites-Stuffed Peppers

by brittany on September 17, 2014

esquites stuffed peppers

I’m not sure what it is about late summer produce that prompts hollowing out one vegetable and shoving a bunch of another vegetable inside, but I’m fully on board with it.  In this case, I made a batch of esquites (Mexican corn salad) and stuffed it into green bell peppers that I’d pre-roasted.  Not only did the stuffed peppers look cute, but the addition of the edible vessel was an improvement to the flavor.

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Low-Commitment Projects: Oregon Flag Tote Bag

by brittany on September 15, 2014

oregon flag tote bag

This week’s Low-Commitment Project is a little different–I made Oregon Flag Tote Bags because I wanted one and I want to share them.  Since the Oregon flag is the only one in the U.S. that features different images on each side, this tote also is screen-printed with the two different illustrations.  If you want one for yourself, they’re in our shop.

oregon flag tote bag in hand


Crispy Meringues with Whipped Cream and Fruit

September 12, 2014

Here’s the thing:  neither Michael nor I like meringues very much.  My mom makes mint chocolate chip meringue cookies that I’ll gladly scarf, but otherwise… I could take them or leave them.  That’s why we were shocked to find ourselves greedily gobbling bite after bite of these Crispy Meringues with Whipped Cream and Fruit.

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Umbrella Falls Hike

September 10, 2014

We finally found time to hike, though Michael’s broken elbow is the unfortunate reason.  He’d planned long bike rides for every weekend of the season, but his recovery from a car-to-bike wreck has kept him off the road.  Now healed enough to get some exercise (but not wanting to put pressure on his painful elbow), […]

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Bibimbap-Inspired Couscous

September 9, 2014

In an instance of “raid the crisper drawer, pantry, and garden” to find dinner components, this Bibimbap-Inspired Couscous was born.  We loved it, so I’m sharing the idea.  Basically, you serve a few different elements that work well together, but are cooked or prepared separately, on a bed of couscous with a little lemony dressing.  I […]

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Low-Commitment Projects: Tae’s “Tree Doodles”

September 8, 2014

Tae shares a sketchbook full of her Tree Doodles for Low-Commitment Projects this week.  They’re a little eerie, kind of funny, and rather charming.

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Toasted Oatmeal Brûlée

September 5, 2014

For our staycation, we needed a more-special-than-normal yet somewhat virtuous breakfast food.  I knew we’d be eating at restaurants more than usual, so I wanted to balance that out with a hearty but healthy start to our days.  Enter Toasted Oatmeal Brûlée.

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Anniversary Staycation 2014

September 3, 2014

To celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, Michael and I took a staycation in good ol’ Portland.  We did everything.  It was terrific.  Here’s a rundown with commentary. On Friday night, we brought our precious bottle of wine (given to us as a wedding present by a 12-year-old family friend who solemnly told us to drink […]

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Low-Commitment Projects: The Squeeze

September 1, 2014

It is all balloons all the time over at Low-Commitment Projects.  My project this week, called The Squeeze, is photographs of balloons I shoved into uncomfortable (for them) situations.  Amazingly, Gretta only popped one balloon in the process. Side note:  the above picture illustrates how I feel anytime I wear a belt, which is why […]

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Peanut Butter Caramel Sauce

August 27, 2014

Why is Peanut Butter Caramel Sauce not a thing?  Peanut butter and caramel seem meant for each other, but I’ve never seen this combination for sale.  Well, it’s a thing now.

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