air mail mountaintops

Here’s a mountain range that Tae made out of envelopes.  Go see this week’s Low-Commitment Project, Air Mail Mountaintops.


Chocolate Toffee Cookies

by brittany on May 22, 2015

chocolate toffee cookies

If this looks like I took a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and substituted chocolate toffee bits for the chips, well, you’re an astute looker.  So what.  This is good.  Really good.  Buy a bag of those chocolate toffee bits next time they’re on sale, then bake up these excellent, quick, and soon-to-be-devoured cookies in a jiffy.
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Roasted Orange Tart with Mascarpone Filling and Cocoa Crust

May 20, 2015

None of the elements of this Roasted Orange Tart with Mascarpone Filling and Cocoa Crust are stellar on their own, but added up, this is an impressive dessert in both looks and taste departments.  Just look how pretty those saturated roasted orange slices are, all snuggled up on each other.  Definitely a company dessert.

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Low-Commitment Projects: Cell Phone Photo Paintings: FREE

May 18, 2015

For this week’s Low-Commitment Project, I’m sharing my progress making paintings based on people’s cell phone photos at the Portland Building Installation Space.  It is called Cell Phone Photo Paintings:  FREE.  More info on the project here, and me talking about it on TV here.

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Double Chocolate Pudding with Pistachio Toffee

May 13, 2015

Double chocolate pudding and pistachio toffee are a winning combination.  Double chocolate pudding can claim enough virtues by itself–rich, creamy, intense chocolate flavor–but when dressed up with lightly sweetened whipped cream and shards of caramely, salty pistachio toffee, it becomes a new favorite.

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Low-Commitment Projects: Tae’s “State Your Fashion”

May 11, 2015

Tae made word bubble hangers for her Low-Commitment Project this week.  It is called State Your Fashion.  Check it out.

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Pasta with Brussels Sprouts

May 8, 2015

Yes, I’m looking forward to spring vegetables, but with a heavy heart because I’ll miss Brussels sprouts–our winter staple.  Pasta with Brussels Sprouts is an apt way to ease into the nicer weather.  It is hearty but not actually heavy, and the wintery sprouts are offset by the spicy, tomatoey, pungent saucy mixture.

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Low-Commitment Projects: Modern Hunt Scenes

May 6, 2015

This might not look terribly exciting, but it is one of my favorite recent Low-Commitment Projects.  It is called Modern Hunt Scenes, and the idea has been eating me alive, so I’m happy to have it down on paper.  And, I’m even happier that I like the results.  I hope people will use these images […]

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Aaaaaauuuugggghhhhh I’m On Local TV (Cringe)

May 5, 2015

Ok, so I mentioned my Cell Phone Photo Paintings:  FREE project.  Well, yesterday (my first day, when I was just working out my spiel) a very sweet reporter from KGW came and interviewed me at the installation space.  She filmed me painting–no pressure–and also chatted with some of the people who came to see the […]

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Cell Phone Photo Paintings: FREE (at the Portland Building Installation Space)

May 3, 2015

For the month of May, I’ll be doing this thing called Cell Phone Photo Paintings:  FREE at the Portland Building Installation Space. It is pretty much what it sounds like.  In the installation space, I’ll be sitting at a desk making little watercolor paintings based on people’s cell photos.  Hopefully people will come by and we’ll pick […]

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